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Reading the Feet Your feet say so much about you!

To the trained Reflexologist, and those who have trained in foot reading, when we look at the feet we don't see feet, we see the whole person through the feet. From the shape of the feet to the colour and texture of the skin. The direction and shape of the toes, any little markings, callouses, dry skin, verrucae, all say something about you and what's happening in your body, and thoughts right now. This is not a way to predict your future, this is not fortune telling. This is about you, now, and unravelling your story and connecting you back to you through your feet.

Here is a little taster of some secrets that your feet say about you. If you would be interested in having your own personal foot reading session, then contact me through this web site for more information, and by sending me a photo of your feet, for £25, I can read them for you.

1. Wide feet.

If you have wide feet, then this means that you are very hard working. You may be constantly on the go and find it difficult to sit still and do nothing. Before anyone asks you to do anything you are up and ready to go.

2. Narrow feet.

If you have these narrow beauties we call them 'princess feet'. You will have a love for aesthetics, you stop and smell the flowers, appreciating the good things in life. Because you find slowing down easy, you know how to delegate to others without them realising so.

3. Smelly feet.

This can indicate that you want more space for yourself, and by having smelly feet, you make this possible. Often seen on teenagers who feel restricted by parental rules. Also found on those caring for a dependent relative, having restricted personal freedom. You may ask the question, how can you introduce more freedom into your own life?

4. Flat feet.

You may have back problems when you have flat feet, as the arch of the foot is the back reflex. It means that you love the company of others, a social person that energises in the company of others. Being left on your own is uncomfortable for you. Support is very valuable for you, and receiving help from others is always welcomed by you.

Just a tip of the iceberg of what can be read through your feet. I hope you enjoyed the information given, and if you fancy to delve in deeper, then do not hesitate to get in touch!

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